The 6 Critical Steps to Culture Transformation

Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaching (ILEC) strongly believes in the importance of corporate culture, especially the ways it influences an organization’s future operating success. Establishing the tenets of a healthy and vibrant culture should address organizational challenges such as the need to innovate, collaborate and execute, while also addressing a company’s desire to be more responsive and efficient. Leadership style dictates how individuals can—and will—contribute to a company’s corporate culture. If it’s not working well, or at all, it’s time to consider a culture transformation.

To achieve a desirable culture transformation doesn’t require a seismic shift or monumental effort. In fact, ILEC believes it can be accomplished in just six distinct, but consecutive, steps. Here’s a preview of ILEC’s proprietary pathway to excellence…

Step 1 – Culture Starts with the CEO

Corporate culture, and the ensuing operational success of an organization, definitely begins at the top. And it requires a mindset and approach that reminds CEOs that it’s not about the organization you want to create. It’s about the organization you must create.

Step 2 – The “Vulnerability Decision”

True improvement, outside of vulnerability, is untenable. When the ideology of being different is more painful than the ideologies of comfort and customs, real change becomes possible.

Step 3 – A Future More Compelling

The CEO and C-suite are responsible for developing and sharing a compelling future for their organizations, both in blueprint and architectural form.

Step 4 – Accepting Transformative Change

The domino effect of cultural change occurs when people themselves transform. Results transform when behaviors change. And behaviors change when mindsets do.

Step 5 – Embrace Your Talent

The support of an organization’s compelling future is only possible by embracing its talent. Find the levers.

Step 6 – Continual Measurement

Establishing a tried-and-true corporate culture isn’t a one-and-done exercise. It takes careful measurement, along with a willingness to course-correct when necessary.

As businesses across all industry channels and sectors of commerce face disruption from all angles, it’s more important than ever to align the tenets of your corporate culture. It’s estimated that 75% of business transformations fail and the most common denominator is leadership’s simple failure to create cultures that support their operating goals.

Don’t count yourself among them.

Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaching (ILEC) is the world’s #1 executive coaching platform dedicated to growing tomorrow’s leaders through organizational transformation. Our master certified ILEC coaches utilize a proven blueprint and philosophy designed to highlight the long-term benefits of investing in human capital. If you’re ready to take the all-important first step, let’s discuss your mission, vision, and purpose.

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