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Jeremy Gustafson

Master Certified Intelligent Leadership Executive Coach
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Jeremy’s thirty years of experience in business leadership and management has established a proven track record of leading double digit growth for both his firms and his client’s firms. Curious & disruptive at his core, Jeremy brings deep passion and experience to the total picture of successful leadership, client satisfaction and talent development with measurable results. With specialties in strategy, marketing, business development, talent acquisition and change management, he has served in a variety of leadership roles in multiple successful start-ups, growth stage companies and large multinational firms.

Jeremy successfully led a global digital transformation engagement for NIKE, cutting product content go-to-market time by more than 900%, resulting in a large balance sheet win to their favor. Constantly innovating and working through massive ecommerce 1.0 and 2.0 disruption, he has had the privilege of helping enhance the way many top brands go to market and connect with customers. Over a period of six years, he was part of a very small team that changed the way several top ten retailers bring their assortment to market. His tenure in retail and ecommerce has provided him with many opportunities to provide C-suite teams, marketing, technology and creative leaders with a deep perspective on strategy, implementation, talent and leading change.

With a degree in applied mathematics, Jeremy is no stranger to data and analytics that make today’s business world hum. An avid gardener, cook, watercolorist, collector of vinyl LPs and was voted the #1 Cub Fan (as published in their fan magazine), he is proudly and happily kept on his toes by his three growing daughters as a coach, cook, mentor, homework helper and cheerleader and whatever else they may ever need.

All ILEC Coaches are Master Certified Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaches. They have achieved their distinguished certification by successfully passing 6 ILEC training programs all approved and accredited by the world’s #1 coaching governing body, the International Coach Federation (ICF). In addition, all ILEC Coaches bring significant significant leadership experience to their client engagements. ILEC Coaches have a strong and authoritative pedigree, however, they are real people who have achieved real results in their businesses and lives and, they are passionate about helping their clients achieve the same.

Q and A with Your ILEC Coach

In each of my leadership roles I have been naturally coaching, mentoring and guiding both internal cross-functional teams and our clients my entire career. I had a calling in early 2019 and began researching my options. Also I was ready to own my own business. As a math scientist at heart, I was struck by the “Art + Science” approach pioneered by John and ILEC. As I worked through my discovery process, every person and every touchpoint with the team was off-the-chart smart, professional and fun. Our philosophy, processes and tools are unrivaled.

My mission is to address what is widely agreed upon as one of the world’s top challenges – Leadership. I have had the great privilege of countless mentors and coaches to help me break through obstacles, look at the world differently and apply my gifts and realize more of my potential. I want to pay it forward. My vision is to help leaders who have self-identified a deep desire to be better people and improve others lives. unlock potential so they can also pay it forward. I believe our work can not only transform our clients into great leaders, but show them through our philosophy and processes how to coach others – a multiplier effect.

In general I would have to say relentlessly applying curiosity, disruption and innovation to re-frame initiatives and deliver desired outcomes for my teams and my clients. These are concepts I’ve been able to utilize in many forms with many companies.

My greatest specific accomplishment was having the vision, courage and leadership skills to deliver a global digital transformation for NIKE – one of my personal favorite brands since childhood. Their goal was to bring product content online as fast as possible. We did it. Also, we won the competitive pitch from a pool of 22 top firms, always a great feeling for the team.

Doing the “work”. Overcoming true adversity at a young age, working really hard and learning myself. This is a lifelong pursuit that has helped me be a better person in many ways – son, brother, friend, boss, employee, but most importantly gave me the confidence, heart and strength to be a better dad to my three loving, strong, smart daughters. They humble and amaze me every single day.

(1) a passion for understanding people and the brain-heart-gut connection that makes us complete as humans.

(2) Intense curiosity and drive to improve everything with which that I have the privilege to be involved

(3) real world experience (got my first job at 13!).

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