leading to motivate

Leading to Motivate

Intelligent leaders have moved far beyond being the distant, unavailable bosses that brood in the corner office — our employees are demanding better than that, and we should demand more than that from ourselves, too. Leading to motivate is an integral part of being an intelligent leader. Motivation is what pushes employees from ticking boxes for a paycheck to thinking with innovation and passion to support a company and leader they believe in.

Leading to motivate boils down to being a leader worth following, someone who inspires their people to want to do more than exactly what is expected of them. Showing gratitude frequently and freely is one of the best ways to motivate your team. If your employees do not feel appreciated for what they are doing now, why would they want to look outside the box and try to do more? When your team has accomplished something you’re proud of, let them know. It could push a great employee to become an excellent employee.

Beyond gratitude, empowering your employees is another great way to increase motivation. Being a leader that empowers your team means trusting them to make decisions and innovate independently. When your employees know you are putting your trust in them, they will rise to the occasion. You are showing your people that their thoughts and efforts matter, which motivates your team to do the best work they can. Empowerment also creates a sense of ownership in the project, which studies show makes people more inclined to assist and engage in helpful behaviors.

Ultimately, a key to leading to motivate is making sure you’re doing it for the right reasons, not to simply increase productivity. Intelligent leaders truly want their employees to be their best selves — they want them to feel engaged, motivated and empowered not just because of the benefits to the leader, but because of the benefits it brings to the employees. A motivated employee is happier than an unmotivated one, and when employees feel inspired to be their best, they are propelling their own growth, which every intelligent leader should want for their team.

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