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Your Legacy As A Leader Part 4: Abundance

We’ve gone through the explanation for three of the 4 A’s—altruism, affiliation, and achievement. Now, in the final installment of our “Your Legacy as a Leader” series, we’re discussing abundance, which can only be achieved when the rest of the three A’s are working together in unison.

Abundance may be defined as “an ample quantity” or “affluence, wealth.” Rather than associating abundance directly with physical wealth, we think of it as more of an emotion—we consider abundance the feeling you get after you’ve fully linked the first three parts of the chain—altruism, affiliation, and achievement.

Abundance stems from finding success for yourself in the way you’re serving your own purpose and helping others, and the way to maintain that feeling is to always move forward, both for the sake of accomplishing your own goals and for the greater good of people around you. If you are a leader in abundance, you’ve found success and fulfillment for yourself, you’re driven forward by a sense of purpose—and everyone around you is experiencing that purpose and sense of abundance.

Helping your team members stay in abundance is key to creating a positive legacy as a leader that will outlive you once you’ve left the organization. Often, leaders are hired to get results for their organization, but many only associate “results” with data and statistics, ROIs, gross business income, and the like.

But ROIs and statistics are not going to be what your team talks about when you’ve left an organization, either for another opportunity or to retire. They’re going to talk about how you made them feel and what you helped them achieve because that is what people carry with them for decades—not numbers. Would you rather be the leader someone looks back on and credits with helping them launch their career, or the leader who people think on and say, “Yeah, he got results, but he was really standoffish!”? The key to feeling abundance—and creating a healthy legacy as a leader—is to create a feeling of abundance for those around you.

Wondering if you know what it feels like to live in abundance? Think back to a moment you’re particularly proud of. It may be when you finally purchased the house of your dreams, your child graduated college, you received a promotion you’d been aiming for for years—these moments often lead to a nearly euphoric feeling of success. That’s a taste of what living in abundance feels like—only when you’re helping others achieve abundance alongside you, the feeling is tenfold.

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